Peer to Peer Learning

Hands-on training, with real-world assignments,
supported by newsroom veterans.

The StoryLab Academy believes in ‘learning by doing’.

Our training is all designed around exercies, using locally relevant data or content, so that you can immediately see the relevance and potential for any new tool or technique in any of our online courses.

The Academy also believes that face-to-face rapport and problem-solving help speed up learning. We therefore co-host monthly workshops and masterclasses, in partnership with local Hacks/Hackers chapters in 12 target cities across the continent. Chapter members are also encouraged to form study groups, which are eligible for more intensive support from our local trainers.

All the workshops and courseware is free-of-charge and will include a combination of evening-classes and weekend bootcamps or crash-courses, each focused on a specific skill or tool. All lessons are experiential, and are designed to give participants hard skills they can immediately use in their work the next day.

Hacks/Hackers members who want to use their new skills for real-world projects are eligible for seed grants from the Academy, as well as technical and editorial support from the StoryLab itself.

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