Building New Ecosystems

Giving newsroom champions the skills, seed-grants and technology support
they need to rewire their newsrooms.

Newsrooms are complex content production machines.

Hit and run training, for one or two journalists outside the newsroom, does little to change internal organisational DNA.

The StoryLab Academy therefore instead works through media partners, training entire teams in their workplace over extended periods. The Academy also works with journalism schools to help give new entrants the skills they need to cement newsrooms’ own efforts to rewire their systems.

Here’s how we’re kickstarting the process, and how you can get involved:

Newsroom Partnerships

The Academy is partnering with 36 newsrooms in 12 African cities (see the full list of cities below) for bi-weekly onsite workshops teaching the most important digital tools and techniques for strengthening African journalists’ voices online.

The workshops will be hands-on practical sessions, with one-on-one tuition, designed to help participants master a new tool or technique each session, via a range of specialist courses over nine months.

Academy trainers – with support from the StoryLab’s in-house technologists and editors – will also help newsrooms use their new skills on new flagship projects.

Do you want your newsroom to partner with the Academy? Send us a query here.

University Partnerships

Africa’s journalism schools are nurturing a new generation of media pioneers, but struggle to find locally relevant courseware.

The Academy will therefore work with universities in our target countries to help customise and localise the best available international curricula for digital journalism.

The new courseware will be supported with micro-grants so guest lecturers from global newsrooms can share insights, or to help universities purchase new tools such as 360° cameras for students to hone their skills.

Do you want your university to partner with the Academy? Send us a query here.

Other Opportunities

The Academy will also be open to additional synergies or partnerships with media organisations or digital journalism pioneers in the 12 target cities.

This could include seconding our trainers or digital strategists to help support your existing training programme, or it could entail customising materials or courseware for a specific audience. The Academy would also be open to helping newsrooms build their own internal skills development or cadet programmes.

Do you have ideas? Give us a shout here.

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